Couple Intensives


What is a Counseling Intensive?

Individuals can benefit from uninterrupted time to focus on themselves and their relationships.  A Counseling Intensive allows you to settle, focus, and explore difficulties that may be causing frustration and pain in your life and in your relationships.  Intensives can jump start progress more quickly and more cost effectively than weekly counseling sessions.

Together, we identify cycles of conflict, broaden your understanding of self and other, as well as building closer connections. 

Who benefits from an Intensive?

  • If you feel your life and relationships are in a crisis, but you (or you both as a couple) want to lean in to make a change.
  • If you are having the same arguments and just can't seem to stop.
  • If you feel distant, almost like roommates, and don't know how to be close again.
  • If you just can't make weekly counseling work with demanding schedules and/or the childcare shuffle.
  • If you’re a current client and you’re realizing weekly sessions are not realistic.
  • If you would like to take a break and focus on your self and your relationship.

Intensives involve meeting with the therapist for extended blocks of time over a 2-3 day period, such as a weekend.

For couples, Intensives are not recommended if:

  • you or your partner wants to work on the relationship but the other doesn't. If you both want to work on it but keep getting stuck, an intensive can be productive.
  • you cannot occupy the same space without feeling upset and flooded with emotion
  • there is active intimate partner violence. Please visit this site for more information about intimate partner violence.

Reach out for more information on intensives or to set up an appointment.

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